Saturday, June 12, 2010

100 things

1. Playing with Matthew, my nephew and listening to his laughs!
2. Stella's puppy snuggles
3. Spending time with Christopher
4. A good trip to the movies
5. Girl time with my girl firends
6. Spending time in my Pajamas
7. A good glass of wine
8. Trips to the movies
9. The funny things my kiddos say
10. Spa days
11. Family dinners
12. Reading a good book
13. Going to the beach
14. Hotel stays
15. Having nothing to do
16. Having something exciting to do
17. A good cup of coffee
18. Fresh baked bread from the oven
19. Spending time with my Nana
20. Listening to my favorite songs
21. Digging into a delicious dessert
22. Nana's cooking (pasta and homemade chicken noodle soup are my faves)
23. Long showers with hand made soaps
24. A new pair of shoes
25. Sprinkes Cupcakes
26. Christmas Carols
27. Snow
28. Christmas shopping
29. Thanksgiving dinner
30. Making homemade valentines
31. Fireworks
32. Getting Flowers (Diasy's are my fave)
33. Girraffes
34. Getting a tan
35. Getting a hair cut
36. Opening a new box of crayons
37. Dancing
38. Going to the Nutcracker or any ballet
39. Enjoying a play
40. Disney Movies
41. Making gingerbread cookies
42. Marshmallow Peeps
43. Juicy Couture
44. Daydreaming about the trips I plan on taking someday
45. The Peanuts TV Specials
45. Watching Friends!
46. Fancy Dresses
47. Shopping sprees
48. Reading a magazine cover to cover
49. Date nights
50. Eating out
51. New School supplies
53. Concerts...especially Dallas music!
54. New Years Eve
55. Holding a newborn baby
56. 4 leaf clovers
57. Thunderstorms
58. Sitting by a fire
59. S'mores
60. Halloween costumes and dressing up!
61. Long naps
62. Ben and Jerry's Half Baked ice cream
63. Christopher's smile
64. Enjoying a television show or movie with Christopher
65. Childhood memories
66.Getting free gift cards from Chase or Swagbucks
67. Coming home to Dallas
68. An einsteins bagel
69. Making someone smile/laugh
70. Decorating for Christmas
71. Taking pictures
72. Scrapbooking
73. My Uggs
74. Long kisses
75. Pastazios Pizza
76. Planning a party
77. Carving Pumpkins
78. A comfy sweatshirt
79. When Christopher suprises me with dinner or something special
80. Suprising Christopher with something special
81. Sleepovers
82. Dying Easter Eggs
83. Playing Bored Games
84. Finishing a Project
85. Celebrating an Anniversary
86. Junk Food! Cheese Fries...etc!
87. Long drives with Christopher
88. When Matthew and I wear our matching Red Chucks
89. Teaching a child something and having them understand it
90. California Sunsets
91. Watching Matthew play with my old toys
92. When Christopher scoops me up in a "Kelly ball"
93. Cuddling
94. Purple!!
95. Catching up with old friends
96. Almond or Pretzal M&Ms
97. Getting a letter in the mail
98. Getting pictures or updates of the kids I have nannied for
99. Finding a good deal on something expensive!
100. Snuggling up in a warm blanket just out of the dryer!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Quick update

Hello all! This is just a short update for now. I had an awesome visit home for Christmas! A white Christmas!!! It was great seeing the whole family! (including Uncle Steve and Hannah, who suprised us by coming in from Pheonix!)
Mom started her Chemo just after Christmas and is doing really well! She had only one weird symptom.... she is VERY sensitive to COLD!!! She can't drink anything with ice or stay out in the cold for too long or her body gets a weird fuzzy sensation, then feels like shards of glass.

Prayers and thoughts are still very welcomed! I will continue to keep everyone updated. She has another round of chemo on the 12th!

Happy New Year!!! Enjoy some pictures of Christmas and New Years!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Update on my mom

I just wanted everyone to know that my mom is now home from the hospital and doing well. They have diagnosed her with a stage three cancer, but are hopeful that they caught it quickly. She will being going back in after Thanksgiving for a round of chemotherapy.
We appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers!
Thank you so much!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers." -- Jewish proverb

This post is for my Mommy-

Last Monday my mother was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. Today she went in for surgery where they removed half of her colon and the infected lymph nodes. We will know more about her condition on Friday, but with a lot of prayer and hope, we believe she will be just fine! She is doing well since the surgery earlier
today. She is just tired ans sore. We are hopeful based on the information from the Dr.'s that it has not spread anymore.
I will continue to keep everyone updated.

Mommy I love you so much and wish I could be there with you! I think you are very strong and very brave. I am praying that you will be back to your normal self in time for the Holiday's. We love you so much!!!!! Hang in there! I can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Manic Monday and more....

Hello all!
It has been quite a while since I have updated, so I thought I should!
School: is going GREAT!!! I really feel like teaching is what I was born to do! I have A's in both of my classes which is such a good feeling! I have actually been writing real Texas Public School approved lesson plans which is an even better feeling!! Callie has been so helpful since she is doing her student teaching right now, she has been sending me her lesson plans for me to keep in a file for when I start doing mine!

Work: Has been BUSY!!! All three boys are home! My boss withdrew the older two boys from school since the swine flu epidemic. (13 percent death rate for pregnant women) They are home until they get vaccinated, and let me tell you, three boys are a handful!! I also may be taking on a second job soon to help me pay for my new apartment since Christopher's sister decided she hates Dallas...(HOW COULD ANYONE HATE DALLAS!!!!) and of course I am giving her her room back.

Tap Class: Is super HARD!!! But I am hanging in there! MUCHO thanks to Lindsey for helping m
e on my pull backs last weekend...hopefully I will be doing them like a pro in no time! Okay so now that you have all been filled in on my life are some pics and an update on my last couple trips home: Okay so my first trip home started off okay. Matt was so excited when I got in...he didn't want me to put him down!! He also walked around in my red converse sneakers and green socks (pretty much all weekend) saying "My red Chucks!!"

So my second day there I started feeling SOOO ill. I saw Anna, Lex, and Lu in their adorable play (they all three did awesome!)

The rest of the weekend I stayed home dragging myself around... Matty was taking care of me. He brought me the stuffed Giraffe I gave him and some "wankits" (blankets) to to make me feel better!

Finally feeling better last weekend I went home again for a "redo" trip and to see an ear nose and throat specialist...I may have to have a minor surgery over Christmas Break.

Friday Night: I stayed in with my family. Matt walked around in "his chucks" again...I really need to get him some...he's obsessed!!!!

Saturday Morning: Matt and Mom and I went to get donuts....Matt decided to
drive my car...

Later that day: I went shopping for homecoming dresses with Anna, Lex and Lu. Anna and Lex are going soon! Then we went to my FAVORITE pizza place of all time! I am missing Pastazio's and those girls like crazy!!
Add Image
Sadly I cracked the screen on my new phone that night boo! But we still had a ton of fun!!!

All day Sunday: I hung out with the fam..
Breakfast with Katie and Allison. Matty eating his Halloween cupcake!!!!
Oh and I had lunch with my Michelle....Sadly I forgot to get a pic!

Sunday Night: I went out with Lindsey. LONG night. She dressed me up at her place. We had some wine and she helped me on my pullbacks...and then after a quick...ish pit stop at Target we headed out to West End...where Lindsey totally made me sing Kereoke with her "Manic Monday!" ...then some chick mad
e me get up BY MYSELF to sing "Oops I did it again!!!!" EMBARRASSING!!! Though Linds made me feel better by doing the dance from the music video!

So sadly...Lindsey lost her keys....somewhere...somehow during the night. So....we got back to her apartment and I called a locksmith and we had to wait....and wait....and wait....until about 4 a.m. for a locksmith to show. FINALLY we got in..

So I got like no sleep and had a VERY early lunch with my little toothless friend Cleo at her school.

So it truly was a Manic Monday!!! I had a nap after my Dr. Apt. and CT scan. Had a yummy dinner with the family and drove home..

Thats it for now. Hope all is well with every one!!!
Peace and Love!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

My New Home

Hello all. I am finally writing to to inform everyone on how my move is going. I have been officially here for the last two weeks, and things have been up and down.

I started my classes, which I LOVE. My teachers are great, and it is so nice to finally be talking about things that apply to my major! I love it.

I am also taking a tap class on Monday nights which is challenging, but a lot of fun as well.

My new job is great. I am taking care of a three year old boy named Jacques. He is such a cutie. Soon I will be also be watching the new baby (she is due in November with another boy) Jacques also has two older brothers
I assist when they get home from school. Billy is 7 and Leo is 5...they are all adorable and I can't wait to meet the new baby.

So the first weekend I was here, Christopher and I met Callie and Cash at their home in League City, and we all (including Chloe, their adorable dog) drove down to Galveston. We had so much fun!! It is soooo nice having them close by!! They are great! We have also hung out with Christopher's cousin and his wife and adorable 8 month old daughter. They are so sweet...they actually invited us to dinner tonight which will be so has been a stressful weekend!!! Hope everyone at home is well!! Miss you! -Kelly

P.S....enjoy the pictures!!

Me, Callie, Cash, Christopher and Chloe (puppy) in Galveston

Jacques playing with the train track I set up for him (must have been all that practice I got from Colin!!)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Going Away Dinner and more

Saturday night I had a going away dinner with some of my good pals! It was a lot of fun. We went to Japon and had yummy food! I am going to miss every one so much!

Starting from top right: Jon, Mark, Hanna, Jennifer, Kevin, Christopher, Cash, Lexa, Olivia, Anna, Lindsey, Tiffany, Mandi, Callie, Allison and Me.

After dinner, some of us went to go visit one of my favorite buddies, Michelle, at work! I love this girl and I am going to
miss her SOOOOOOOO much!

Matthew helped me make some yummy cupcakes for our family cookout.

He did an awesome job!

Matt had a great time with his little "girlfriend" Sadie. She is a tough cookie!